Urgent Decision Making



Have you received a job offer? Iinvited to lead a new high-visibility project? Asked to move across the country?

Or maybe are you simply trying to figure out what should you do next with your career and life?

  • You and I will immediately engage in a 30-minute phone or Zoom conversation to better understand your situation.
  • Based on information shared, Elizabeth will propose a plan of action for you to consider and implement.
  • Follow-up with two 45-minute phone or Zoom session to review your approach and answer any questions or doubts. These sessions can be conducted either on the same week or later on, depending on your urgency.
  • I will send a follow-up summary email the day after each coaching session highlighting discussion items and to-dos
  • I will provide Unlimited email consultation between session to ask any questions and follow up on any topic discussed.