Unleash My True Potential



You have set goals, made resolutions, downloaded productivity apps and bought organizer after organizer. However, it always seems to be other people getting the raises, promotions and project opportunities instead of you. Where did you go wrong? What did you overlook?

Or, maybe you feel like you are being pulled in a thousand different directions. Your daily to-do list is way too long to even gain some traction.

Do not stress! You can get through this and become un-stuck. I am here to help you figure out how.

In my 3 month Negotiation Unleashed coaching package, you will first establish your short and long term vision paths for your career, family and self. You will gain an understanding of the next steps you will need to take, not only reach your goals, but to surpass them.

Throughout your coaching, we will work together to determine how to take your evolution to the next level by engaging in assessments, role-plays, one-on-one calls and interactive exercises.

  • 30-minute introduction call to get a better understanding of the issues and needs you are facing.
  • Scheduled 1-hour Zoom or phone coaching sessions (every 3 weeks).
  • Follow up summary email the day after each coaching session highlighting discussion items and to-dos
  • Monday morning coaching email providing insights and follow-up on an agreed upon to-do item. You will be held accountable!
  • Unlimited email consultation between sessions to ask any questions and follow up on any topic discussed
  • A signed copy of my best-selling book “The Art of Getting Everything”