Determine your Vision Path



Take a guided tour through your Vision Path! You’ve read self-help books, blogs, motivational social media posts and watched all the webinars you care to watch on how to become successful. But nothing ever quite seems to stick. The problem may be that you are trying to make a change without first taking an honest and thorough look at you.

If you haven’t conducted a thorough self-evaluation, how can you even begin to understand where you are and where you want to go?

In this package, I will walk you through my exclusive Net Worth and Vision Path Workbooks. While these workbooks have proven to be invaluable on their own, they are dramatically more effective when you combine them with my one-on-one coaching.

  • I will provide you with an interactive workbook on how to figure out your net worth as well as your vision path
  • I will assess your workbook results to better understand you and your world
  • You will receive two 30-minute sessions where you can discuss your results and work on your action plan.
  • I will send a follow-up summary email the day after each coaching session, highlighting discussion items and to-dos