Strategic Facilitation

Overcome the Obstacles in your Business

As a strategic facilitator, I pull together my expertise in facilitation, coaching, mediation, and training, to provide strategic solutions for your business or organization. My years of experience in the corporate world and expertise in alternative dispute resolution, enable me to understand the needs of both parties, get to the heart of the issue at hand, and provide customized solutions for achieving your business goals.

The Difference

Facilitation is one part art and one part science. The discussion may take an unusual turn, no matter how prepared you are. At these times, a facilitator must rely on his or her experience and intuition. They must be on their toes to respond to, and manage, the flow of the conversation to ensure issues are addressed and resolved.

As a nimble Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) strategist, I’m able to better manage any differences and difficulties that might arise during a facilitated discussion. I’m known for being enthusiastic and charismatic. These characteristics ensure I keep the audience engaged at all times with discussions, reflections and interactive exercises.

I also bring a minor in Theatre Arts allowing me to use the necessary skills many actors are versed in to ensure the audience remains engaged and attentive. These skills include the use of improvisation when unplanned discussions rise to the surface and cannot be ignored.

I grew up outside of this country in a collective-driven environment, where everybody’s input, no matter position, was taken into account for a final decision. I complement this with multiple years of living in an individualistic environment where decisions must be made quickly and effectively. I know how to navigate both approaches to perfection, which allows me to provide a welcoming environment and understanding.

How it Works

The first step is to develop a working agenda that provides an overview of the items to be discussed. I will work with you to set these goals, which we will continue to revise as-needed throughout the facilitation.

As we work through the strategic discussions, we will likely need to deal with the disagreements and differences of opinion that often arise. As an experienced and highly-trained mediator, I have a multitude of tools that I can deploy to ensure that the discussion remains focused on the desired outcome.

I will remain in close contact with you throughout the entire process, from the very beginning to the end, so you will never be concerned with unexpected last-minute changes or difficulties.


I began formally facilitating when I was in senior management in corporate America. I lead groups of professionals across a variety of countries and was responsible for multi-million dollar businesses. In these roles I was responsible for the creation and execution of strategic plans and partnerships. I used my facilitation skills to ensure we stayed on track and provided effective and profitable outcomes.

I spent close to two decades with Fortune 500 companies where I was part of a variety of facilitated discussions concerning a multitude of topics; from strategic planning and cost reduction to employee matters and marketing outreach. By being exposed to these types of discussions I saw first hand how to best manage and guide any discussion with a group of professionals who had different responsibilities and authority levels.

I have hands-on experience across a variety of industries allowing me to understand the topics being discussed. I am well versed in the lingo of non-profits, education (higher ed and k-12), for profit as well as corporate. My engineering background provides me with the capability of leading technical discussions as well.

I have been providing my facilitation services for a couple of decades. Since leaving Corporate America in 2002, I have acted as a facilitator for a variety of organizations across a multitude of industries; from natural gas, government and transportation to education, health and finance. Satisfied clients include companies and organizations such as Black Hills Energy, City and County of Denver, Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Denver Public Schools, Higher Education Resource Services (HERS), United Teachers of Dade County (UTD), Denver Health, University of Denver, Moody’s Financial, and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, to name a few.