Are you preparing to negotiate a job offer? Hoping to earn a raise or promotion? Need to make a big decision but having trouble weighing the pros and cons? Wherever you are in your career, I can help you gain the direction, control and results you deserve!

I will customize my 1-on-1 coaching packages to meet your needs. This may take the form of a one-time coaching session to help you with an urgent issue, or a series of sessions to help you get your life and career back on track.

Whatever your goals, I will always begin with an analysis of your 3 Key Pieces.

Your 3 Key Pieces

Your success in life is determined by how well you negotiate for your 3 Key Pieces:


Do you like your job? Have you hit a dead end? Are you properly compensated? Is there something you would rather be doing?


Do you spend enough time with your loved ones? When is the last time you and your spouse put away your phones and had a date night?


Do you laugh at the very idea of participating in hobbies, sports, and activities? Is your time so fully booked that you don’t know what to do with yourself on those rare blank days on the calendar?

Negotiating your 3 Key Pieces without a coach is like driving without GPS

My Coaching Method

Each of my coaching packages is customized and tailored to your specific needs, structured around three core concepts: assessment, action plan, and accountability.

1. Assessment

I will first guide you through a process of reflection. You will discover the gaps in your negotiation skill set and find ways to overcome them.

2. Action Plan

Together, we will develop a plan to help you overcome obstacles and live the life that you want, taking into consideration the three key pieces of your life: career, family, and interest.

3. Accountability

A plan alone is not enough, which is why I will provide accountability. We will regularly discuss your progress towards your goals and I will guide you around any new obstacles that arise in your path.

Coaching Packages

Coaching Package 1

Customized Coaching Package

Looking for coaching services, but concerned that your situation does not really fit one of my other packages? This is the option for you! Get in touch with me and describe your unique circumstances. Together we can tailor a coaching solution to fit your needs and help you move forward towards achieving everything you want!

Coaching Package 2

Urgent Decision-Making Assistance

Have you received a job offer? Invited to lead a new high-visibility project? Asked to move across the country?

Or maybe are you simply trying to figure out what should you do next with your career and life?


I chose to work with Elizabeth because I was at a point in my career where I needed a different perspective and new tool set from someone who I could trust and who had been through similar situations as I had. Elizabeth has been a great coach for me. Beyond providing me with connections, input on my book and constantly challenging me, in working with Elizabeth I've been able to find a healthier balance in my life, where the fears around my future push me to find the confidence, courage and commitment to do things in my career that I didn’t think were possible.

Guillermo MazierVice President of Global Innovation,Conway, Inc and Founder, Collective Intelligence

Elizabeth Suárez is leading change by empowering hundreds of women like me to discover and own their worth professionally and personally. She saw and heard me and poured priceless wisdom into me as I stood at a crossroad professionally. I never lingered in the regret of coulda, woulda, shoulda, when it came to negotiating my next career move. She empowered me and spurred on the confidence inside of me to become my best self.

Chandra Harris McCray

Thanks to Elizabeth I’ve not only defined my goals more clearly, but reached them more quickly. She asked probing questions that required me to reflect upon my true life goals. She then worked with me to develop a strategy for how to achieve them. I’m now focused on research that is truly meaningful to me and loving it!

Eleanor T. Loiacono, Ph.D.Professor of IT and Data Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Our Alumni, in particular our alumnae, report back to us about applying Elizabeth's Three Ps of negotiating and how it has transformed them into strategists who walk into meetings and scenarios with an overall plan, tactics, and pivoting strategies.

Curtis EsquibelLatino Leadership Institute

Elizabeth has helped me gain a better understanding of how to map out my own strategic plan for my professional career. She consistently helps me think critically about in-depth analysis of any professional quandary I face. And with Elizabeth’s guidance, I have been able to achieve a clearer understanding of my professional goals. Elizabeth has offered consistent support in my pursuit of my goals and as a result, I have found a new level of confidence in my ability to do my best work and to achieve my professional dreams.

Alexandra AlonsoExecutive Director, CLLARO

Elizabeth was a strategic thought partner to negotiate what I needed personally and professionally. She was able to help me articulate what I needed from a new organization and outline what I could provide which resulted in a win-win for everyone. Even after securing a new position, Elizabeth has been a mentor to strategically think about how to execute my vision in my new role.

Diana Romero CampbellExecutive Director, Scholars Unlimited

Given all my previous training and experience in management, I thought I knew just about all I needed to know about climbing the executive ladder. Boy was I wrong! Elizabeth was able to present a huge piece of the puzzle that I was missing. She completely changed my approach to managing up and across any organization, and I already have forged great relationships with the executives in my new position as a result. I have no doubt that I now have the tools to launch myself into an executive position wherever I go.

Shannon ValerioSenior Business Process Consultant, Acorio, LLC

As a negotiation coach, my main goal is your success! Do something different that will improve your Net Worth, Vision Path and YOUR LIFE.
Let’s make this happen together!