The Art of Getting Everything

Career. Family. Interests.
You really can have it all!

In The Art of Getting Everything, readers gain perspective and their own blueprint for success by:

  • Learning how to develop a life path as a guide for negotiating and advocating for their “net worth” – income, family, health, personal interests
  • Discovering resources and tools they can put to use immediately to handle conflict and overcome disagreements
  • Finding straightforward strategies for navigating the world of negotiation, so they can get what they want

Elizabeth Suárez equips readers with these necessary tools to identify, achieve, and sustain success in their personal and professional lives. She provides real-life examples and highlights specific issues common to professionals and helps them construct a path to reach their goals.

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What they're saying

Suárez’s book provides both the guidance and the how of balancing career, family and interest in work and life. She defines bringing these three areas together as creating our path. The author acknowledges that there is no single way of creating this path because we are different. Yet she provides critical tools to help us recognize what are the components that help to define what path to select.

Dr. Estela LopezRetired Provost, Connecticut State College & Universities Systems

Through examples and straightforward guidance, the author helps you to reframe your perspective and assess what truly matters - both personally and professionally. It’s not necessarily about the good jobs, great education or personal relationships - it’s the combination of them all that holds the magic. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rat race, but this book reminds you that there are so many elements that go into having a successful LIFE. As a female 30-something, I needed this book, and the author’s authenticity, to change direction and begin looking at my life in a new light.

Suzanne SableCommunication Specialist, Social Change Sector
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